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Muscle Movement Therapy is owned and operated by Gene Berry, LMP. Gene is a member of the Elite Provider Network (EPN) and is trained and skilled at providing healing recuperative physical treatments for his patients. With a foundation of training in Active Release Techniques (ART), Muscle Movement Therapy is armed with treatment techniques to address soft tissue pain and discomfort for patients regardless of age or activity level.

Our Vibration Training and Therapy program is both a therapeutic and ongoing training revolution that you must experience to truly appreciate. You'll find that working out on our whole body vibration equipment will fatigue your muscles in a way that you have never felt before without the need of a gym membership. Make an appointment and stop by on your lunch hour or after work to sneak in a workout faster than you ever imagined. We'll instruct you on how to safely and efficiently utilize our machine for your training or recuperative program.

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I have tried orthotics, 2 series of chiropractic treatments including Graston Technique and Rolfing, and acupuncture for relief of foot pain. A neurologist has documented 25% nerve conduction loss. Foot pain was affecting my lifestyle. My feet were frequently cold due to poor blood circulation. Gene Berry of Muscle Movement Therapy has treated me with the Active Release Technique and Vibration Therapy. This is the only treatment method that has worked for my feet.

— L.Tompkins

“After 39 years of teaching and coaching football, wrestling and track, my back finally gave out. For the past 2-1/2 years, I’ve endured continuous back pain and muscle spasms. After only 2 weeks of therapy with Gene Berry, my pain and muscle spasms have vanished! He has given me my life back...miracles do happen.”

— Willie M. Thomson
Former HS Football, Wrestling & Track Coach

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Gene Berry is a certified provider of the Active Release Techniques patented system for rehabilitation massage therapy.
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